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Our goal is to provide laboratories with comprehensive solutions, from analytical equipment to tailored customer training programs that help unlock the full potential of every laboratory.


Our vision is to be one of the leading partners for analytical laboratories in the region, bringing complete solutions to clients in pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.


Innovation, expertise, reliability, transparency, and correctness are characteristics, combined in an excellent team of motivated individuals, dedicated to a common goal - long-term partnership with our clients, where personal approach and success are guaranteed.

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Magical powders

Powder Exploration: Unraveling Basics, Technology, and Batch-to-Batch Reproducibility in the Pharma Industry

Powders are crucial in industry, making up 80% of manufactured goods. Their behavior, however, poses challenges in development and manufacturing. Understanding this behavior is key to optimizing processes and product quality. The global market for oral solid dosage forms, expected to reach $1 trillion by 2032, underscores the importance of powder testing. This testing is essential for various drug products, ensuring stable and efficient manufacturing. It helps optimize performance, improve drug delivery, and manage processes from formulation through lifecycle management.



AstrinexLab Testing Laboratory
Contract Analytical Laboratory Services:
  • Testing laboratory
  • On-site customer trainings
  • Solid state characterization Laboratory
  • Ultra pure laboratory water apparatus demo site
Astrinexlab Sales and Service Support
Laboratory Equipment Consulting Services and Distribution:
  • Sales of laboratory equipment
  • Complete portfolio of chromatography consumables and spare parts
  • Software solutions for the processing of laboratory data
  • Solutions for Science and Technology of Small Particles

Our partners:


Solutions for water purification and preparation of ultra-pure water, TYPE III, II (RO & DEMI water) and TYPE I, systems for TOC monitoring, and Amino Acids Analyzers


Expert solutions for columns, vials, filters, and accessories for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.


World leader, offering instruments for characterization of particles, powders, and porous materials. Optimize your products and lay the foundation for innovation.


Basic equipment for analytical laboratory: Centrifuges •Rotavapors •Vacum pumps •Thermo blocks •Water Chillers •Reaction Stations •Concentrators •Gas Generators

We're consultants for the following equipment manufacturers:


Protein Metrics - Vendor-independent software solutions for biotherapeutic analysis - combines biotherapeutic mass spec and chromatography data, analysis, and reporting in one environment.


Thar Process - is one of the best CO2 Extraction Companies that provide complete supercritical CO2 and CBD extraction solutions and SFC purification technology options for over 30 years.


A&D Weighing Solutions - A complete portfolio of balances for laboratory and industrial scale.

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